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December 16, 2021
Top 15 Recipes of 2021
Article-RECIPES 2021

Some of our greatest cooking moments of the year were fueled by mantou, canned tuna, and chile crisp.

This past year at TASTE brought us more cooking inspiration than we could have dreamed of. Even as our favorite restaurants started opening back up and we started cautiously venturing back out into the world, the temptation was always there to just stay in and tackle a new cooking project.

Shayne Chammavanijakul, the founder of Dill Magazine, sold us on the cloudlike wonders of mantou—a luxury that’s available to anyone with some flour, yeast, and a steamer basket. Writer Carlos Matias taught us that, contrary to the urban legends of childhood lunchrooms, you actually can mix together orange juice and milk without it curdling. And you should! And Christian Reynoso showed us that we’ve been underestimating the power of pinto beans all along.

This collection brings together some of our favorite moments in a year of cooking. As you start to think about your own cooking goals, dreams, and resolutions for waltzing into the new year, we hope that these TASTE recipes will put some pep in your step (and some pepperoni in your salad). – Anna Hezel

Tuna, Uncanned and Caramelized


Tuna, Uncanned and Caramelized

A childhood trick involving a splash of fish sauce and a sprinkle of sugar turns those dollar store cans into something transcendent.