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June 21, 2019
Everything Tastes Better Outside

Grab the plastic cutlery and take it to your nearest yard, park, balcony, or stoop.

Scientists haven’t gotten to the bottom of whether it’s the extra oxygen given off by trees, the faint lawn mower sounds, or the smells of OFF! bug spray, but we know one thing for certain: Everything tastes better outside. So when you have the chance, throw a couple warm suman into a tote bag, pour that icy avocado shake into a Solo cup, and take it outside.

If you have a backyard and a grill, that’s even better news. We have the lowdown on marinating, and how to do it really well. Your steak will taste even better with a pile of Syracuse-style salt potatoes, some melted butter for dipping, and a 7UP mixed with salty, sour Chamoy.