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December 11, 2018
15 Favorite Food and Drink Histories From 2018

Before it’s time to raise a toast to the year to come, let’s look back 250 years to a time when caviar was less of an indulgence to pull out at champagne-soaked New Year’s parties and more of a salty form of cheap sustenance for laborers. We’ve gathered up some of our weirdest, wildest, most compelling stories about food-related history from the year for a little bit of quiet reflection before the New Year. Have you ever wondered when raspberries turned blue in the American candy-eating imagination? Or who really invented the tuna fish sandwich? Or why there’s so much nostalgia these days for the mayo-coated foods of the Soviet Union?

These are the questions (and the answers) that piqued our curiosity this year and that will give you and your family a lot to talk about this holiday season. When your aunt asks what ever happened to sun-dried tomatoes or your dad starts ranting about all these morally bankrupt kids these days with their avocado toast, you can give these a read and set the record straight. —Anna Hezel, Senior Editor