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October 18, 2019
Better Tools, Better Dinner

The case for investing in a pelmeni press, an air fryer, and a Norwegian cheese slicer.

As industrious home cooks, we tend to be a little skeptical of appliances and gadgets that take up space without earning their keep around the kitchen. We’re not going to try to talk you into filling your Amazon shopping cart with gratuitous single-use gadgets that will end up dust-covered in the back of your coat closet. But these are some of the TASTE stories that make the most compelling, impassioned arguments in favor of a few deeply underappreciated kitchen tools.

Every once in a while, a tool that might seem on the surface like a one-trick pony winds up surprising you. You find that the $11 Soviet-era pelmeni mold you picked up at a garage sale is the most efficient way to fill your freezer with dumplings. Or you learn that your air fryer, against all odds, has convinced you to eat more salad. Maybe you’re not planning to turn your home kitchen into an amateur croissant factory. But if you change your mind, we’ve got your back. —Anna Hezel, photo by Denny Culbert