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July 4, 2019
Strong Salad Opinions

Olive oil or grape-seed oil? Iceberg or kale? Chopped or not chopped? The best salads are the ones that take a stance.

Salads tend to bring out the opinions. Strong opinions. Just like everyone has a go-to Sweetgreen order, everyone has a technique for throwing together a vinaigrette without measuring anything—and a conviction about whether kale should be massaged, wilted, torn, or cut into a chiffonade for the best salad results.

In this collection, we’ve brought together some of our favorite contentious ideas about salads (Iceberg lettuce isn’t that bad for you! Pasta’s better when it’s cold. Wilting is a good thing!) with a few fresh ways of thinking about them. We’ll help you make your potatoes smokier, chicken juicier, garnishes crunchier. Because salads are better when they come with an opinion.

Pasta: It's Better Cold


Pasta: It's Better Cold

Pasta salad, universally loved and debatably not Italian-American in origin, is worth more than the convenience it offers at picnics and barbecues.