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December 18, 2023
Top 15 Recipes of 2023
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This year’s greatest cooking moments let our cravings lead the way.

Cooking holds a special place in our hearts here at TASTE, but this year produced a bounty of new recipes that stand in a league of their own. We launched a new home cooking column with contributor Zola Gregory, Extra Good, aimed at sharing ingredients and techniques that make everyday meals feel a little exceptional: think a tuna-free artichoke melt, tangy pickled stone fruit, and a truly epic s’mores ice cream pie.

We also excerpted unmissable recipes from the year’s standout cookbooks, from Pierre Thiam’s fiery pépé soup (not for the faint of heart or stomach) to Molly Baz’s very drunken cacio e pepe (which uses a whole box of pasta and a whole bottle of wine). Whether you’re looking for a multiday baking project or the quickest route to dinner, our top recipes of 2023 are here to deliver. —Aliza Abarbanel