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November 28, 2023
A Vegetarian Pot Pie With Main Character Energy

A creamy veggie pot pie makes any night an occasion worth celebrating.

Pot pies are the epitome of cozy. You simply can’t beat a piping hot, creamy stew topped with a flaky crust—and who says it needs meat to be satisfying? A good vegetarian pot pie can turn even the greenest of vegetables into an indulgent meal. This version binds together mushrooms, kale, and white beans with a rich creamy sauce, tucked under a flaky lid of puff pastry. It also comes together in just one oven-safe skillet.

While any number of veggies do well in a pot pie, this combination is perfect for fall. Leeks add a hint of sweetness to meaty, savory mushrooms, and the beans become soft and creamy while also lending some heft. Next, a garlicky roux thickens white wine, vegetable stock, and a dash of cream into a velvety sauce. While greens like spinach or even chard might become mushy after simmering in the rich sauce, kale is substantial enough to hold some texture and vibrancy. To make this pie vegan, replace the cream with a plant-based alternative (just try to avoid coconut-based options, as the flavors could get messy).

If you’re interested in making your own crust, there are some awesome rough puff pastry recipes out there from pastry pros like Erin Jeanne McDowell and Claire Saffitz, but a good-quality frozen dough does the trick every time. I buy Dufour brand when I can find it, but Trader Joe’s all-butter frozen puff pastry is great too (and budget-friendly). In any case, check the label for a short ingredient list and real butter (unless you’re vegan); fewer additives always equals better flavor. Using store-bought dough also allows the whole pie to come together in about an hour.

And while this pot pie is quick and easy enough for a cozy night in, it’s also definitely a centerpiece worth sharing. I think it would be a festive, indulgent vegetarian main for the holidays. It’s deeply savory and satisfying, it celebrates seasonal produce, and golden puff pastry is always irresistible (even when it’s store-bought). A good pot pie will make any night feel a little special.

RECIPE: Kale, Mushroom, and White Bean Pot Pie

Zola Gregory

Zola Gregory is a writer and recipe developer based in Seattle. Having previously worked as a pastry chef and baker, she now enjoys helping others find success in their own kitchens through her stories, recipes, and baking classes.