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January 30, 2023
TASTE Podcast 183: Hetty McKinnon

If you’ve ever clicked onto the NYT Cooking or Bon Appétit websites looking for something to make for dinner, you’ve probably seen Hetty McKinnon’s name. The prolific plant-based recipe developer and cookbook author is one of the busiest people in food media, contributing reliable and highly craveable recipes across the internet while releasing cult books like Neighborhood and Family. 

On this episode, Aliza talks with Hetty about how she keeps up the seemingly endless stream of ideas and stays excited about cooking with vegetables, even in the middle of the deep winter freeze. (Hint: Sometimes you just need to let go of seasonality.) Plus a bit about her upcoming spring release, Tenderheart.

Also on the show, Matt has a cool conversation with Gotham chef Ron Paprocki. Gotham is a legendary NYC restaurant and Ron has much to say about the life of a working chef.

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Aliza Abarbanel

Aliza Abarbanel is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist based in Brooklyn. Previously, she was an editor at Bon Appetit, where she spent over three years primarily working on the Healthyish vertical. Her writing on the intersections of food, sustainability, and culture.