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January 10, 2023
This is TASTE 176: Eunji Lee

Eunji Lee is a pastry chef running one of New York City’s most exciting new dessert spots, Lysée. Eunji was born in Korea and trained in France before working at some of the world’s top restaurants, including at Alain Ducasse’s Le Meurice in Paris and serving as the pastry chef at Jungsik in New York. Now she has her own dessert studio, Lysée, which has become one of the hottest tickets in the city. On this episode, we find out what it was like competing on one of France’s most popular cooking reality shows and what drives her to create some of America’s finest desserts. This is such a sweet conversation. We hope you enjoy it.

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Matt Rodbard

Matt Rodbard is the editor in chief of TASTE and author of Koreatown: A Cookbook, a New York Times best-seller, and Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts.