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November 17, 2022
This Is TASTE 160: Sonia Chopra

Sonia Chopra joined Bon Appétit and Epicurious as executive editor in August 2020, previously working in various roles at Eater for nearly a decade. In this entertaining episode, we find out about Sonia’s journey through food media and how she and her colleagues are putting their own stamp on BA. We also talk about the world’s best toaster oven, as well as the magazine’s big Thanksgiving issue, and how it reflects a change in the way Americans are cooking the big meal this year and for years into the future. We really enjoyed catching up with our friend.

Also on the show, Cheryl Rodbard (aka Mombard) catches up with Matt in the studio. They talk about family holiday traditions, including some strong opinions about turkey, how to do the sides, and the famous “pink shit” (aka the best cranberry condiment) that lands on the Thanksgiving table each year—and, of course, we dive into Cheryl’s take on holiday English toffee.

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Matt Rodbard

Matt Rodbard is the editor in chief of TASTE and author of Koreatown: A Cookbook, a New York Times best-seller, and Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts.