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Individual Cereal Treat Recipe
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1 tbsp
1-2 lg
(or 8 to 16 mini) marshmallows
¼ c
(or so) the cereal of your choosing
Nonstick cooking spray, optional

Cereal treats, also commonly known as Rice Krispies Treats, are best eaten fresh. So, instead of making an entire pan that might sit around and get stale, make an individual serving to be enjoyed warm whenever the craving hits. This recipe is adapted from the mind of Chris Thornton, cohost of the Carbface podcast


  1. Heat the butter and marshmallows over medium-low heat in a 1- to 2-quart saucepan, actively stirring, until almost melted. Turn off the heat and mix in the cereal. Ask yourself how you feel about what you’re seeing. Is this gooey enough? Can it take a little more cereal? Err on the side of gooey, because the marshmallow will start to stiffen as it cools. I prefer to eat them right out of the pan, so they stay warm. If you want to save it for later, generously coat a pint container, ramekin, or other similarly-sized container with cooking spray, press the cereal treat into the container, and let cool for another time.

Aaron Hutcherson

Aaron Hutcherson is a writer, editor, and recipe developer based in New York City. He's a fan of comfort food, whiskey, and intersectionality. You can follow his cooking and eating adventures on Instagram and Twitter, both at @thehungryhutch.