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Win Your Kitchen a $2,500 Upgrade


If you’ve found yourself in a cooking rut, you’re not alone. Here at TASTE, we’ve struggled through pretzel twists dipped in mayo and bare, bunless hot dogs. Even Ina Garten gets sick of cooking and phones it in with a stack of PB&Js sometimes. 

Luckily, we have just what you need to get that second wind in the kitchen—and we’re giving away an exciting haul: kitchen and bar gear, pantry essentials, cookbooks, and more to help spark some excitement. We’re talking a commercial-grade blender (smoothies and soups are just the beginning), a Japanese knife made with razor-sharp micro-carbide powder steel, and a classic Dutch oven for stews and braises. Not to mention, you’ll get a vacuum-sealed food storage system to extend the life of your leftovers and a full set of bartender-approved tools and coupe glasses.  

Of course, with all this equipment, you’ll need some recipe inspiration. We’ve got you covered with gift cards for a new library of cookbooks from LA’s favorite indie bookshop, Now Serving, plus a cart full of Snuk groceries sourced from around the world. And did we mention a monthly cheese subscription from Vermont’s Jasper Hill Farm?

Good luck, and happy cooking!


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