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Win an Outdoor Grill, Smoking Gun, and Copy of Thank You for Smoking

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Barbecue expert and author Paula Disbrowe certainly knows her way around a grill. In her latest book, Thank You for Smoking, she goes beyond grill marks to teach us how to use smoke as a seasoning. Grilling and wood smoke come together to create magic in the form of smoked anchovy butter, a velvety chocolate cake with smoked pears, and even cocktails like dirty martinis with smoked olives. And of course, more traditional entrees, like trout or chuck roast, get a spotlight as well.

To celebrate the beginning of grilling season, we’re giving away a copy of Thank You for Smoking, an Original PK Grill and Smoker, plus a Breville Smoking Gun so you can start smoking granola, pork shoulder, and dried chiles at home, too.

The full prize includes:

+ A signed copy of Thank You for Smoking by Paula Disbrowe

+ A PK Original Grill and Smoker in Silver

+ A Breville Smoking Gun

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