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January 5, 2021
New Year, New Melt

The patty melt is back. This time, with homemade pork sausage, sweet apple and onion relish, and plenty of cheese.

There is nothing quite like a patty melt to drive home everything we love (and have dearly missed over the course of the past year) about a visit to a local diner. There was the famous melt from the now-closed MeMe’s Diner, in Brooklyn, which went heavy on the industrial American cheese and grainy mustard. There’s the larger-than-life melt at Phoenicia Diner in the Hudson Valley, which swapped in pimento cheese for those deli slices.

The best versions of the classic hybrid combine the fast-food appeal of a cheeseburger with plenty of caramelized onions and the homey crunch of a good rye bread—a harmony of buttery, salty, slightly charred, and sweet flavors. It raises the question: Why don’t we pile caramelized onions and melted cheese onto all sandwiches?

Apple Sausage Patty Melt

Our new favorite rendition, by recipe developer Jenn de la Vega, proves that there really is a patty melt for every mood, pairing an easy, homemade garlicky pork sausage patty with a sweet, jammy topping of caramelized apples and onions. It’s everything we love about a breakfast sandwich (sausage, cheese, a touch of sweetness), minus the breakfast part of the equation.

That being said, we won’t blame you for throwing a fried egg into the mix or frying up a few extra sausage patties to go alongside your next scramble. The apple and onion relish will last in the refrigerator for a few days, so it could even make an appearance on a cheese board one night, and on a patty melt to treat your hangover the next.

RECIPE: Pork Sausage Patty Melt

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